Why these programs work.......20 minute workouts!

Are you fed-up and OVER, what menopause is doing to your body?

  • Have you tried other exercise programs but just ended up tired, sore... and bored?
  • Is loss of muscle tone and strength in your body making you feel invisible?

Don’t give up or give in!

You can change your body at any age!

When I hit peri-menopause, I struggled too. I felt like an imposter!

I was a Master Personal Trainer with 30 years experience in health and fitness and what I was doing for my body, wasn’t working anymore!

That’s why I created…

Get Fit and Toned over 50 with fast home workouts

20 minute workouts!  Powerhouse online, fully downloadable video workouts for women in their 50’s, combining……….

  • Yoga
  • Power Yoga with Weights
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Strength Training
  • Combined With Low Impact Cardio Moves
Elaine Reynolds Master Personal Trainer doing goddess squat with jungle background

Don’t put up with…

  • Muscle tone doing a disappearing act!
  • Tired, tired tired! Having zero energy is draining!
  • Feeling invisible! Losing your confidence sucks!
  • Sore aching back. Even bending becomes an effort!
  • Stiff joints. You're not ready for that yet!

Don’t train harder or longer or go on some crazy diet!

20 Minute Workouts!

CoreStrength50Plus will give you……..

  • Motivation - Each program is loaded with Motivation Mojo tools to get you on your mat!
  • Lean Toned Muscles - The ‘Yoga with Weights’ combo makes you STRONG while also protecting your joints.
  • A Strong Back and Beautiful Posture - Pilates and Barre moves have you standing taller and breathing deeper.
  • Flexibility - Want to touch your toes? This’ll get you there.
  • Loads of Energy - Bursts of Low Impact Cardio get your heart-rate going, shift that extra weight and make you feel invincible!
  • Confidence - Following a program of 20 minute workouts focused on Strength Training has your ‘feel good’ endorphins flowing!

Find out more about me here…………About Elaine

How it works

Step One >

Choose your program. Upon payment get email confirmation and easy access via this website.

Step Two >

Print out your Training Calendar.

Step Three >

Download all the video workouts and holistic training information directly to your hard-drive as they become available OR access the program via this website at any time.

My Customer Satisfaction Promise To You

100% Money Back Guarantee if after one month from the date of purchase, of doing the workouts and following the Training Calendar, you feel the program isn’t right for you.
No hassles, no questions asked.